Future events to be posted as Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. Until then we will continue to show and sell our art at

Virtual Galleries

Three Rivers Art Guild:

Mosaic Art Gallerie

Oregon Poultry SwapMore than just chickens, a charitable auction site on Facebook that often offers our jewelry. The are based in the Corvallis area and are at: Poultry Swap/

Jewels of The New Antiquity (Including our own, which you are currently viewing:


Three Rivers Artists Guild (TRAG)

We have ten pieces of jewelry in their Virtual Gallery at



Angst Gallery in Vancouver, Washington

Angst has closed after 12 years in downtown Vancouver.  That makes us very sad but we are glad that Leah will now have time to focus on her wine shop! Yeah.

Mosaic Arts Alliance ran Angst for the past year and is currently featuring Jewels of The New Antiquity's beautiful jewelry. They are very excited to be offering a sustainability product (our eco-jewelry).Please visit their Virtual Gallery at:


Creative Arts Gallery

West Linn, Oregon   2020

ART JAM, an event for artists to see other artists making their art. It was a lot of fun and good for the soul to be outside in the fresh air (through our masks) while schmoozing with other artists. The public was not invited due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

We plan to post a video of Eric at the ART JAM soon.

Creative Spirits Gallery

West Linn Oregon 2019

We just finished our two months at Creative Spirits Gallery. It was a lot of fun working with the staff and other artists.

Creative Spirits Gallery

April - May 2019

Eric will be exhibiting his artistic jewelry in this exceptional gallery in West Linn. To view their current artist click on the link below. 


OPS Homesteading Spring Faire

2019, Corvallis, Oregon.

This group celebrates sustainability with a swap each year. They know us from Facebook and many people showed up to see Eric in person. He also did very well embellishing several of our on-line customers, seen for the first time in real life. Poultry Swap/


ReclaimIt, a celebration of Earth Day 2019

Located on Killingsworth, Portland, Oregon. This was a really fun event for anyone interested in sustainability. Our jewelry definitely stood out. There were many different useful and artistic items being sold to honor Earth Day. Can hardly wait for next year to do this again.


America's Largest Christmas Bazaar, Artisan's Alley 2018

Held every December, the Alley is a juried group of artists selling their art for Christmas shoppers. 30,000 people walk around and appreciate and purchase their favorite hand-made items, including our jewelry.